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e-Funding: Generate Value

ELCOM’s unique e-Funding platform raises the bar in supplier funding solutions. Our innovative solution combines technology and capital, enabling large buying organisations to help support local suppliers while generating value for the wider community.

ELCOM’s e-funding service gives suppliers the tools they need to access funding at the earliest opportunity in the order-to-pay cycle. The process is simple, and our best-in-class technology means that, once set-up, the e-funding programme operates with minimal input from either the Programme Partner or the supplier.

Simple Process: Seamless Execution

I’m a buyer:

  1. 1

    the e-Funding Programme

  2. 2

    ELCOM manages
    full implementation

  3. 3

    Suppliers benefit from
    Purchase Order and Invoice

I’m a supplier:

  1. 1

    Register with
    ELCOM e-Funding service

  2. 2

    an offer of financing

  3. 3

    receiving funding

ELCOM e-Funding is a revolutionary solution allowing suppliers to access cost effective working capital while generating value for the wider community.

The Benefits For Programme Partners:

  • A commitment to local suppliers who can access very competitive working capital
  • Funding is sourced by ELCOM so no requirement to use own funds in the programme
  • Minimal resourcing requirement – ELCOM manages set-up, supplier engagement and on-going programme management
  • No change to existing procurement or AP processes
  • Visible commitment to support local business
  • Opportunity to reinvest in the community

The Benefits For Suppliers:

  • Funding throughout the order-to-pay cycle
  • Highly competitive interest rates reducing working capital costs
  • Structured reporting allowing simple receivables reconciliation
  • Early access to working capital when funding is most needed

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