Optimise Your Supply Chain with 
    ELCOM’s e-Procurement solutions, 
    tailored to meet your specific business needs

Save Time And Money, With
Limited Change And No Hassle

ELCOM’s solutions optimise and energise your organisation by bringing transparency and clarity to your Supply Chain processes. You save time, money and hassle, and make the benefits sustainable by locking them into place. Our tailored solutions are easy-to-use tools to guarantee better financial control and greater visibility of spend. This benefits all suppliers, from local SMEs to the most complex global organisations. It’s straightforward, paper-free and adapted to your business needs.

  • 1
    Data Mining & Business
    Needs Analysis
    We help you understand the problems you want to resolve, and match the benefits/solution to the identified problem, rather than offering solutions in search of problems.
  • 2
    Solution Inception & Design
    We help define your business outcomes and we work out your detailed technical requirements. Only then do we offer the most appropriate solution.
  • 3
    Seamless Implementation
    We implement your solution into your operational processes, including interfacing with other systems. We make it easy for buyers and suppliers to connect, providing better spend control, faster payment cycles, and lower transaction cost.

What We Do

  • Streamline / digitalise / analyse your procurement and accounts payable processes
  • Optimise procure-to-pay to achieve your business goals
  • Access real-time data delivery
  • Increase control and transparency of spend
  • Offer real time data delivery
  • Ease & optimise your supply chain process
  • Enhance trading relationships
  • Increase user adoption
  • Support and energise your local economies
  • Optimise Return On Investment
With our e-Procurement packages, you reduce paperwork, increase efficiency, and gain greater transparency and compliance. We call that freeing your organisation so that you can work better.

Our Process


ELCOM e-Sourcing & e-Contract

ELCOM Catalogue Content Management

ELCOM e-Marketplace

ELCOM Purchase-to-Pay Process

ELCOM Automated Electronic Invoicing Solution

Our Products


ELCOM Automated Electronic Invoicing Solutions

Fast, simple, safe


ELCOM Purchase-to-Pay Process

Seamless spend control


ELCOM’s Comprehensive Catalogue Interaction Solution

One-stop shopping for greater trading facility


ELCOM’s Catalogue Content Management

A single point of reference

e-Sourcing & e-Contract:

ELCOM’s Tailor-Made Procurement Packages

Greater flexibility to meet specific needs


ELCOM Document Exchange Solution

Exchange, Automate, Integrate

What You Get

The benefits for Buyers:

  • Quick to implement and start generating savings
  • Enables better supplier and contract management
  • Improved MI allowing better supplier management
  • Reduction in invoice and payment queries
  • More effective financial controls and compliant
  • Automation of routine tasks and streamline key processes
  • Reduced cost of tendering
  • Transaction data is fully auditable, delivering Compliance, including transparency and accountability
  • Reduce stock and inventory and diminish perishability costs

The benefits for suppliers:

  • Automation of key tasks, bid notifications, receipt orders
  • Improved cash flow / faster payment
  • Time and cost savings in processing orders
  • Reduced transactions costs and cycle times
  • Hold less stock due to better planning and demand cycles
  • Improved MI
  • Promotes your company
  • Reduced cost of tendering
  • Better planning for demand cycles

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