ELCOM’s Tailor-Made Procurement Packages

ELCOM e-CCM provides buyers with a powerful and extensive catalogue management tool for advanced catalogue management. The solution provides a comprehensive, portal-led environment for product and price data collection and distribution. Supplier catalogues can be integrated in a secure environment either directly by a supplier or by the buyer using the catalogue. In common with all ELCOM products, ease of use is at the forefront during development.
This sophisticated solution enables the buyer to define the criteria that must be met by suppliers when uploading data into the catalogue, resulting in improved data quality with virtually no errors.

The Benefits For Buyers:

  • Provides a robust and automated product approval and validation process
  • Provides users with ability to locate the right product at the right price and drive adherence to agreed contracts
  • Customises and sorts catalogues to provide different views for different users
  • Standardises product information from external suppliers enabling easier comparisons
  • Improves management reporting and auditability
  • Standardises internal catalogue data before sharing with external data sources
  • Keeps costs of quality data to a minimum by eliminating duplication of effort across the supply chain
  • Integrates catalogue data with multiple different e-Procurement and e-Marketplace platforms

The Benefits For Suppliers:

  • Makes it easy to provide electronic catalogues
  • Improves buyer relationships
  • Audit and sign off process of catalogue data means fewer disputes
  • Empowers sales teams to respond quickly to customers and increase sales
  • Grows sales with existing customers through improved compliance to contract
  • Makes it easy for buyers to find your products and purchase
  • Supports development of high quality content enabling differentiation
  • Manage all customer catalogue activity from one easy to use place
  • Increases reporting and auditability

Features At Your Disposal: Compliant, Flexible, Secured

A highly sophisticated yet easy to use solution, focused on enabling the management and sharing of complex pricing frameworks across multiple organisations, ensuring delivery of the right products at the right price.

Supplier Portal

  • Management of Supplier Profile
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Catalogue Upload (Full replacement/Incremental)
  • Data Loading

  • Portal or FTP hot folder-based processing
  • Full replacement/Incremental updates
  • Multiple Classification Support
  • Import Formats

  • Excel/CSV/ XML
  • Customised formats (BMEcat, CIF, etc)
  • Data Validation & Enrichment

  • Standard Validation (Data types, UOMs, Classifications, etc.)
  • Custom Business Rules, Workflow
  • Buyer Approval

  • Email notifications
  • Excel based Review Packages
  • Workflow driven Multi-Level Approval
  • Catalogue Publishing

  • Export of standard catalogue and custom formats such as CSV, BMEcat, xCBL, CUP, CIF, SAP
  • Direct Integration with eP2P and e-Marketplace
  • Catalogue Services

  • Catalogue Editor
  • Catalogue Export
  • Bulk republish
  • Analytics

  • Dashboards
  • Catalogue Quality reporting
  • Application Metrics
  • Catalogue Version Comparison
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