ELCOM’s Clever “Xchange”

Exchanging electronic transactions with the entire supply chain can be complex. Multiple communication methods, formats and protocols make it hard to do business and extract benefits.

The ELCOM e-Gateway Hub provides a single connection for all Supply Chain Partners to collaborate, transfer and convert data: We support multiple message types and formats your suppliers might require. All the actions are based on a commonly agreed integration strategy.

We are driven on reducing the complexity and cost in your business operations by taking care of all the electronic transactions. This way you can focus on building relationships and growing your business.

The Benefits For Buyers:

  • Single connection to trade with all Suppliers.
  • Improved Management Information.
  • Centralise document exchange across multiple buyers, supporting consortium activities.
  • Digitise and automate the entire buying, selling and paying process, reducing costs.
  • Single source of truth for supply chain data, improve compliance

The Benefits For Suppliers:

  • Receive orders and other supply chain documents in multiple formats, simplify back office administration.
  • Reduce costs of sales order management via direct integration to your systems.
  • Enable electronic delivery of order acknowledgment and invoices to your customers improving supplier relationships and reducing costs.
  • Facilitate better visibility of trading and improve cash flow.

Features at Your Disposal: Control, Compliant, Cost Savings

The ELCOM e-Gateway Hub provides a single connection for all Supply Chain Partners to collaborate:
Data Transfer and Conversion

Import Purchase Orders and other documents

  • Orders (as well as other documents) are batched to e-Gateway Hub once finalised and approved in an external system. Orders can then be transmitted to suppliers in multiple formats.
  • Import Shipping and Receipt Processing

    Orders acknowledged and shipped: Order acknowledgement and advanced shipping notices sent for posting to e-Gateway Hub or delivery to an external system/user.
    Goods/services delivered: Receiver enters receipt in external system and batches to e-Gateway Hub.

    Import Invoices

  • Imports invoice transactions to e-Gateway in standard or custom formats
  • e-Settlement and Matching

  • Document Reconciliation and integration with eProcurement and/or ERP systems
  • e-Delivery Hubs

  • Buyer and Supplier document exchange through PEPPOL Access Point for EU format or email or cXML Access Point.
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