Full Visibility And Control Of Your Payment Process

With ELCOM’s e-Invoicing solution, all suppliers no matter how big or small, can now send invoices electronically to buyers for fast and hassle-free financial settlement. This product enables you to receive e-invoices, in any format including European Standard/PEPPOL, from anywhere in the world, all while maintaining & securing compliance with regional and industry standards and regulations. The process is simple, straightforward and 100% secured, with specially developed PLUG-IN technology that means no changes on your side!



How Does It Work?

The Benefits For Buyers:

  • Reduced costs
  • Real time data delivery
  • Enhanced payment cycle
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced trading relationship
  • Advanced shipping notifications
  • Integration to invoice processing application
  • Accessible to all Suppliers
  • No change required
  • Fast and high supplier adoption

The Benefits For Suppliers:

  • Free for supplier to use
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased visibility, transparency and control
  • Increased processing efficiency
  • Increase in on-time payments from buyers
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced invoice disputes
  • No change required

Features At Your Disposal: 100% Adaptable

No change needed: our e-Invoicing solution adapts to your technology and business needs. Depending on your requirements, we offer a number of plug-and-play features to choose from, including:

Format Conversion Automatic integration

Our Format Conversion platform ensures you can convert an invoice from any format into any electronic format for automated settlement and integration.

Settlement & Data Validation Reconciled invoices

Our PECOS technology reconciles and integrates all invoices with our e-Procurement and/or ERP / finance system automatically.

Xchange Easy exchanges

Our e-Xchange product allows you to exchange documents through our e-Delivery Hub for Buyers and Suppliers, through our PEPPOL Access Point (for an EU format), or via email or CXML Access Point, all of which can be integrated with any e-Procurement, Finance and/or ERP / finance system. For instance, you can also receive supply chain documents such as Purchase Order acknowledgements and Advance Shipment Notifications.

e-Settlement & Matching Streamlined workflow

Our e-Settlement and Matching modules enable document reconciliation and integration with e-Procurement and/or ERP, allowing you to 1) automate your accounts payable process for the streamlining of exception handling, 2) import Purchase Orders from any 3rd party Finance or e-Procurement system, or 3) set approval rules and create alerts/ To Do Lists for any invoices that do not match, using our powerful workflow engine to route these to the correct staff for further analysis and/ or approval.

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