e-Sourcing & e-Contract:
ELCOM’s Tailor-Made Procurement Packages

With ELCOM e-Sourcing & e-Contract, we offer you the flexibility to create a procurement package specific to your organisation. It will allow you to make informed decisions on how best to source goods / services and optimise the way you engage with suppliers and run competitive sourcing events of all types. In other words, ELCOM e-Sourcing and e-Contract enable you to streamline, standardise and enhance all aspects of your sourcing process to achieve greater savings and compliance: get the optimum value from the most qualified supplier!

The Benefits For Buyers:

  • Reduce cost of supply
  • Increase efficiencies in process, enables collaborative working
  • Widen the range of suppliers
  • Facilitate communications with suppliers
  • Lower risk
  • EU compliant and can reduce EU procurement timescales
  • A cost effective solution for high and low value tendering
  • Delivers secure collaborative working across multiple teams and/or locations
  • Drives supplier engagement, optimising supply chain
  • Complete end-to-end solution or flexible modular application approach

The Benefits For Suppliers:

  • Access to public sector contracts and opportunities and help to engage earlier.
  • Receive invitations from buyers to participate in tender exercises or request for quotation
  • Simplify the bid process, option to receive notice of current and new opportunities by CPV code or other criteria
  • Easy management of responses to SQs, ITTs, and RFQs
  • Recognition as an accredited supplier to the public sector
  • Analyse competitor spend

Features At Your Disposal: Compliant, Flexible, Secure

e-Sourcing and e-Contract should be a straightforward and seamless process. In order to secure you get exactly what you need every time, ELCOM developed a set of PLUG-IN tools:

Buyer Portal

A Branded EU-compliant buyer profile that promotes procurement-related information with automated publication of all contract notices and awards. This includes an alert system set up for your supplier base.

Tender Manager

An easy-to-use, secure EU-compliant tender management tool covering all stages of the tendering process, from notice creation to award of contract, including EOIs, RFIs, PQQs, secure exchange of ITT documents and evaluation.

Supplier Manager

A ready-made supplier community that engages, identifies, assesses and qualifies suppliers through online supply chain management activities.

Contract Register

A central repository for managing and monitoring performance, key activities, reporting of contracts, call-off from framework agreements and spend analysis.

Contract Change Control

Value-tracking of all contracts within an organisation’s Contract Register. This helps buyers comply with PCR 2015 ‘Life-Cycle Costing’ by giving them full control over the cost and time implications of their contracts.

Quick Call

An addition to the web-based, modular e-Sourcing service and provides additional functionality within the Contract Manager module. Buyers can easily issue a Quick Call from an existing framework or request a quote from selected suppliers in a Contract List.

Workspace Manager

Bringing specific projects and collaborations together to more easily manage collaborative procurement.


A reverse auction tool compliant with EU Regulations that can be used as a stand-alone service or as an extension of your tender exercise

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