PEPPOL: Pan European Public Procurement On-Line

PEPPOL is an initiative of the European Union to connect Government  Organisations and Private Com­panies across Europe on a single network. PEPPOL enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable, European-wide network. In simple terms it offers a standardised network connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping.

Benefits for buyers

For public sector authorities, PEPPOL reduces the complexity of administrative procedures and provides opportunities for greater supplier competition and lower­ costs.

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Benefits for suppliers

For suppliers, PEPPOL facilitates access to public sector authorities across Europe (Access Points), entering into only one ­agreement to reach all the buyers in the PEPPOL network.

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How do I communicate via PEPPOL? 

To communicate via PEPPOL, your organisation must connect to an Access Point (AP).

Thanks to the Access Points you can interact with all buyers and suppliers within your Supply Chain. ELCOM’s PEPPOL AP acts as a ‘gateway’ or ‘bridge’ between the open PEPPOL community and a local eProcurement community or solution. At ELCOM, as a certified PEPPOL Service Provider, we allow buyers and suppliers, to exchange PEPPOL compliant documents within the PEPPOL network. Whether you are a multi-national or SME supplier or buyer, you will be able to connect to all the organisations within the PEPPOL network with any of ELCOM’s solutions. ELCOM’s PEPPOL AP software service enables the transfer of business documents, such as orders and invoices, over the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure and our network integrates to all the leading ERPs so you do not need to change your business processes.

How does PEPPOL work? 

ELCOM’s approach is to provide customers and suppliers with the widest possible connectivity options to make eCommerce simple by using the process and technology already in use. A document (for example a purchase order) is sent from an eProcurement platform to the local Access Point (AP): A Sender will issue an order in their local format over a local network to their PEPPOL AP. The Receiving AP will transform the content if needed to PEPPOL format. The document will be repackaged for the PEPPOL transport and sent. The Receiver will receive the document in local format.



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