Why are Gender Diversity and Equal Pay So Important?

Taking action to address the gap in overall pay levels between men and women, known as the Gender Pay Gap, ensures a more committed workforce. The Gender Pay Gap, expressed as a percentage of male earnings, is a measure of the difference between male and female employees’ average hourly earnings. It is important to provide equal pay in order to contribute to a fairer society in which everyone has equal opportunities.

It is beneficial for all businesses to take positive action to reduce the gap in overall pay between men and women. It ensures organisations attract and retain the best talent giving businesses greater diversity of thought. Gender balance in management roles can improve decision-making, performance, and profitability.

Useful information and calculators

Close the Gap is the UK’s leading expert on the gender pay gap. They provide in-depth analysis and support to organisations to take effective action to close your pay gap.

Close the Gap’s user-friendly tool is quick and easy to use, ideal for companies who need to get their reporting done quickly and effectively. The tool uses your gender pay gap data, along with your answers to a short set of questions, to determine the key factors behind your pay gap. The tool will produce a personalised report and action plan for your company based on these factors. You can also use the tool without your pay gap data.

We embrace diversity — Be Inclusive

During the past years, ELCOM is growing at a fast pace. We’re always looking for people with the drive and talent to fulfill a broad range of roles across all our functions, and who can also demonstrate our core values. We operate from 5 offices in the UK, USA, Serbia, South Africa, and Australia. A combination of different backgrounds. All our team members are paid equally and we make sure we reach the largest possible pool of potential talent regardless of sex.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Elcom, you will work with talented professionals to disrupt the future of Supply Chain technology and eFinance. We hail from all over the world and apply an incredible breadth and depth of experience to our work.