How Does PEPPOL Access Point Work?

PEPPOL Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line makes eCommerce simple. PEPPOL is an initiative of the European Union to connect Government Organisations and Private Com­panies across Europe on a single network. PEPPOL enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable, European-wide network. In simple terms, it offers a standardised network connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping.

ELCOM’s approach is to provide customers and suppliers with the widest possible connectivity options to make eCommerce simple by using the process and technology already in use. A document (for example, a purchase order) is sent from an eProcurement platform to the local Access Point (AP). A Sender will issue an order in their local format over a local network to their PEPPOL AP and the receiving AP will transform the content, if needed, to PEPPOL format. The document will then be repackaged for the PEPPOL transport and sent. The Receiver will receive the document in local format.

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Benefits For Buyers

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For public sector authorities, PEPPOL reduces the complexity of administrative procedures and provides opportunities for greater supplier competition and lower¬ costs.

  • Reduces the cost and the complexity of implementing eProcurement solutions based on one single set of standard specifications (PEPPOL BIS).

  • No roaming fees between Access Points providers and open and accessible eProcurement market across borders.

  • No more duplication of services and fees. Suppliers and public-sector organisations have freedom of choice to choose whichever PEPPOL provider they wish.

Benefits For Suppliers

For suppliers, PEPPOL facilitates access to public sector authorities across Europe (Access Points), entering into only one agreement to reach all the buyers in the PEPPOL network.

  • Expanding business opportunities with the public sector across Europe.

  • The opportunity to establish a single point of connection.

  • Single contract with an electronic document transmission service provider.

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