How Does PEPPOL Work?

As a supplier connecting to PEPPOL, you will be able to receive orders and issue order acknowledgements, as well as advanced shipping notices and invoices regardless of your level of eCommerce.  As an NHS Supplier you must be PEPPOL enabled to receive and send electronic documents. Our PEPPOL solution for suppliers provides everything you need to implement PEPPOL and trade with your PEPPOL enabled customers.

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Benefits For Suppliers

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  • Expanding business opportunities with the public sector across Europe.

  • The opportunity to establish a single point of connection.

  • Single contract with an electronic document transmission service provider.

  • Simplify businesses and reduce costs associated with trading with the public sector.

  • Avoid duplication of effort, lowering the barriers to trade for new or small and innovative suppliers.

  • Avoids roaming fees, which have been disincentive for suppliers.

  • No more duplication of services and fees. Suppliers and public-sector organisations have freedom of choice to choose whichever PEPPOL provider they wish.

Other Solutions/Features

  • Sage Integration Connector empowers adoption of electronic message distribution for suppliers who use SAGE software.

  • Direct Connection for suppliers who need to send and receive larger volumes of data we will manage the integration with their ERPs systems, including data mapping to and from PEPPOL formats.

  • eOrdering allows complete and real-time visibility of customer demands to confirm delivery capa­bilities for the customers peace of mind. eInvoicing service enables the removal of paper invoices by automating the delivery and matching of invoices.

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Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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