How Does eMarketplace Work?

eMarketplace: Buyers-Suppliers secure trading. The solution can be deployed as a private or vertical eMarketplace which provides buyers and suppliers with a one stop shop. This allows you to manage catalogues, goods and services with seamless integration to existing systems and specialised analytics, enabling a deep understanding of the supply chain. Or, you could use this technology to create a Public eMarketplace that enables a Business-to-Business online platform to be operated by a third party or consortium, which is open to buyers or suppliers securing a confident simple engagement process.

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Benefits For Buyers

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  • Reduce Costs of trade thanks to supply chain visibility.

  • Widen choice of suppliers.

  • Generate income from supplier rebates.

  • Analyse spending patterns, enable better management of procurement resources.

  • Reduce administrative cost.

Benefits For Suppliers

  • Provides an additional sales channel to market and sell products.

  • Reduced marketing costs when compared with other sales channels.

  • Automates requests from buyers.

  • Reduces administration overheads.

  • Simplified Access for receipts of quotations from buyers.

  • Integrates with sales order processes.

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Other eMarketplace Features

Multiple Features at Your Disposal to Connect, Access and Trade

A flexible, easy to use solution, focused on enabling trade between Buyers and Suppliers.

  • Catalogue Search & Build Shopping Basket enables buyers to punch in from other systems or log on, search items, create favourite/ template lists.

  • Online Catalogues incorporate goods and services from suppliers that do not have an appropriate website.

  • eOrdering enables employees to place their order online once their purchase is authorised, saving them and your entire organisation considerable time and expense

  • Supplier Website Punch-Out connects employees to your major suppliers’ websites.

  • Product Comparisons give employees the visual and textual information they need to make a best-value purchase decision.

Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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