How Does eProcurement Work?

Our eProcurement tailored solutions can be deployed on a modular basis depending on your business needs. Our widely adopted eSourcing, eContract, eCatalogue, eP2P and eInvoicing technology can be implemented as an end-to-end solution and fully integrates with any other ERP, ordering or consumption systems. It’s straightforward and fully tailored to suit your business needs.

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Benefits For Buyers

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  • Quick to implement and start generating savings.

  • Enables better supplier and contract management.

  • Improved MI for better supplier management.

  • Reduction in invoice and payment queries.

  • More effective financial controls.

  • Automation of routine tasks and allows you to streamline key processes.

  • Reduced cost of tendering.

  • Transaction data is fully auditable, delivering compliance for full transparency and accountability.

  • Reduce stock and inventory and diminish perishability costs.

Benefits For Suppliers

  • Automation of key tasks, bid notifications and receipt orders.

  • Improved cash flow with faster payments.

  • Time and cost savings in processing orders.

  • Reduced transactions costs and cycle times.

  • Hold less stock due to better planning and demand cycles.

  • Improved MI.

  • Promotes your company.

  • Reduced cost of tendering.

  • Better planning for demand cycles.

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Other Solutions/Features

  • Simplify

    Data Mining & Business Needs Analysis. We help you understand the problems you want to resolve and match the benefits/solution to the identified problem, rather than offering solutions that search of problems.

  • Digitalise

    Solution Inception & Design. We help define your business outcomes and we work out your detailed technical requirements. Only then do we offer the most appropriate solution.

  • Optimise

    Seamless Implementation. We implement your solution into your operational processes, including interfacing with other systems. We make it easy for buyers and suppliers to connect, providing better spend control, faster payment cycles and lower transaction cost.

Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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