How Does eContract Work?

Manage Current And Historical eContracts. ELCOM eContract technology is a simple, and intuitive approach for supplier and contract management, giving you control over reminders, amendments, extensions, documents and KPIs. The technology allows any user to manage supplier performance and capturing whilst reporting accurate information.

Thanks to our eContract solution you will get value-tracking of all contracts within your organisation’s eContract register. This will help you comply with PCR 2015 ‘Life-Cycle Costing’ by giving you full control over the cost.

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Benefits For Buyers

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  • Risk Reduction by operating on the latest terms, conditions, controls and policies.

  • Standardise processes decreasing maverick buying while increasing spend leverage.

  • Better negotiation reducing ‘evergreen’ contracts, renewals of unwanted services.

  • Greater control by eliminating manual processes and centralizing your document repository.

  • Mitigate the risk of hidden costs within contracts.

  • EU compliant and can reduce EU procurement timescales.

Benefits Of Suppliers

  • Simple to use.

  • Marketplace accessed by thousands of Public Sector buyers.

  • Streamline processes.

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Other eContract Features

Multiple Features for Compliance, Flexiblity and Security

eContract in a single portal for stand-alone organisations and collaborative groups, covering:

  • Contract Register

    A central repository for managing and monitoring performance, key activities, reporting of contracts, call-off from framework agreements and spend analysis.

  • Procurement Work Plan

    Manage procurement work plans and savings tracking across complex organisations. It can also assist with tracking variance between forecasted and actual savings, across financial years.

  • Contract Change Control

    Value-tracking of all contracts within an organisation’s Contract Register. This helps buyers comply with PCR 2015 ‘Life-Cycle Costing’ by giving them full control over the cost and time implications of their contracts.

Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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