How Does eSourcing Work?

eSourcing for greater savings. Be compliant. With Elcom’s eSourcing you will able to source from an extensive supplier marketplace, comparing products and services, running competitive competitions for all values of spend to deliver savings, and ensuring compliance to procurement regulations. In addition, our eSourcing solution is fully integrated with OJEU, and Contracts Finder so you can easily publish contracts and award notices.

Group of professionals reading on laptop about how Elcom's eSourcing works

Benefits For Buyers

Elcom procurement expert explaining with her laptop to two buyers the benefits of eSourcing
  • Access an extensive and mature managed supplier marketplace

  • Savings from Tail Spend

  • Manage catalogue content as Contracts

  • Run OJEU process from advert to award

  • Work collaboratively with other organisations

  • Future proofed – supports GS1/GDSN

  • Integration – P2P, Scan4Safety, ERP

Benefits For Suppliers

  • A single portal to access

  • Simple to use

  • Maintain customer catalogues

  • Marketplace accessed by thousands of Public Sector buyers

  • Streamline processes

Three sourcing experts looking at their laptops sourcing suppliers

Other eSourcing Features

Multiple Features for Compliance, Flexiblity and Security

eSource in a single portal for stand-alone organisations and collaborative groups, covering:

  • eTender:

    Manage complex procurement procedures, including OJEU. Simple and intuitive approach. Enforces compliance to legal and regulatory requirements. Single Public Sector supplier database, with free registration. Full integration with Sourcing Cloud Contract. Rapid deployment so customers can be up and running in under a week.

  • Quick Call:

    As an addition to the web-based, modular eSourcing service, Quick Call provides additional functionality within the Contract Manager module. Buyers can easily issue a Quick Call from an existing framework or request a quote from selected suppliers in a Contract List.

  • Workspace Manager:

    Bringing specific projects and collaborations together to easily manage collaborative procurement.

  • Buyer Portal:

    A Branded EU-compliant buyer profile that promotes procurement related information with automated publication of all contract notices and awards. This includes an alert system set up for your supplier base.

  • Supplier Manager:

    A ready-made supplier community that engages, identifies, assesses and qualifies suppliers through online supply chain management activities.

  • eAuctions:

    A reverse auction tool compliant with EU Regulations that can be used as a stand-alone service or as an extension of your tender exercise.

  • Tail Spend:

    Tail spend is organisational spend that is not actively managed, typically representing 20% of overall expenditure on goods and services. The solutions is a dynamic real time pricing marketplace with a demonstrable track record for delivering cash savings across all expenditure and has developed an enviable reputation: Managed marketplace of categorised suppliers, Average savings 12.5%, Fast turnaround, guaranteed responses to customer timescales, Product level data capture, and Integration to Contracts Finder.

Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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