How Does It Work?

Integrate, streamline and automate your Procure to Pay process. Consequently, you will secure consistency, financial control and transparency of the spend. For instance, as a true multi-tenant solution, Elcom P2P solution allows you to easily connect with suppliers. Furthermore, clients are able to publish and manage supplier catalogues; search easily and thoroughly for goods and services, and configure business rules to automate processing. Therefore, this solution is ideal for shared services.

In addition, you can also create efficient and safe requisitions and purchase orders; receive and match seamlessly receipts and invoices; provide bespoke reporting & analytics, and seamlessly integrate with finance or 3rd party systems.

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Benefits For Buyers

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  • Quick to implement and to achieve ROI.

  • Control costs and achieve greater economies of scale.

  • Leverage supplier trading relationships to the benefit of the organisation.

  • Facilitate early payment discounts.

  • Provide improved spend analytics and reporting.

  • Increase focus on all savings opportunities.

  • Manage different purchasing processes through one single system.

  • Single point of connectivity for suppliers.

  • Lower transaction costs significantly.

  • Achieve back office efficiencies.

  • Contract Compliance, Governance and Data Accuracy.

  • Manage different purchasing processes through one single system.

  • Auditable & Transparent.

  • Automate and streamline the P2P process.

  • Resilience and sustainability.

  • Service standardisation.

Benefits For Suppliers

  • Reduce costs.

  • Improve cash flow.

  • Level playing field: no barriers to entry.

  • Enhance trading relationships.

  • Speed procurement cycle times which facilitates strong relationships.

  • Reduce carbon footprint.

  • Track, control and lessen the potential of late payments.

  • Integrate orders into your sales order processing system, remove double key duplication.

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Other Solutions/Features

Connected, Consistent, Cost Effective With The Features At Your Disposal

  • Requisition Creation allows for a multi-line requisition for multiple suppliers that is pre-populated with financial tracking codes, delivery and payment defaults, and additional information from users.

  • Catalogue Search Option to host suppliers’ catalogues and presents content to users with a platform based on a business rules and user rights model to ensure strict contract compliance and supplier access.

  • Punch out uses CXML and OCI-XML standards. Buyers are able to seamlessly connect to a suppliers’ transactional website.

  • Dynamic Documents & eForms remove internal administrative forms using electronic document for holiday and travel requests, sick leave, and business expenses.

  • Multi-Currency Multi-Language allows users to view the same data in different languages, based on their language profile setting.

  • Procurement Cards permits access to pre-loaded Procurement Card information without revelling card details.

  • Invoicing Settlement & Matching (2 or 3 way match) provides various options to enable automated pre-settlement processing of documents for goods and services which can then be integrated into the Buyers A.P.

  • Blanket/Contract Orders supports the creation and use of Blanket Orders or ‘Contract Orders’. The Blankets can be created as ‘call off’ orders and allows users to create a schedule for automatic releases.

Two Decades Developing eProcurement Tailored Solutions

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