ELCOM has engaged with the Kickstart Scheme to support young people who are currently unemployed and increase their chances of long-term employment.

Encouraged by the UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme, ELCOM has designed a program to support the Government’s initiative by helping young people get their first steps on the jobs ladder including employability support to develop their work skills and to help them find future employment.

The landmark Kickstart Scheme was launched by the UK Government in 2020 to provide funds to organisations that offer newly created jobs to the younger UK population who are on the Universal credit. This programme aims to prevent the risk of long-term unemployment faced by the currently unemployed younger community, by offering them 6-month long job placements, fully funded by the Government.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a fall in the employment levels in the U.K. and the young people aged 16-24 were hit the most. According to the House of Common Library, comparing the latest quarter, May-July 2021, with the pre-pandemic quarter of January-March 2020 the employment has fallen by 243,000, a 6% fall. The number of such people claiming unemployment benefits has risen by over 250,000.

ELCOM internships across the business

The new job placements at ELCOM will support the young interns to enter a career in marketing, sales, technology, finance, customer services, and other operational roles within the organisation across office locations in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Liverpool.

ELCOM thus aims to provide different opportunities to upskill the new interns, gaining the experience and skills that will give them the best chance of finding long-term work after completing the kickstart scheme. In the future ELCOM also plans to create more entry-level roles and apprenticeships for interns after their six-month work placements.

William Lock, Chairman at ELCOM remarks

ELCOM remains committed to contributing back to the community and supporting young people as part of our corporate social value initiative. We are pleased to partner with the Department for Work and Pensions to deliver this national scheme to address the serious skill and talent shortages in the UK. In addition to gaining skills and unique experience, each participant will benefit from the possibility of being offered an entry-level role after their six-month work placement. ELCOM is continuously growing; we welcome talent, and we invest in our people and their careers.’’

How to apply?

Our vacancies will soon be available on the JobCentre Plus vacancy service. Please send across your CV along with a cover letter for a specific vacancy to vacancies@elcom.com

Would you like further information?

Contact us at info@elcom.com Subject: ELCOM Kickstart Scheme

At ELCOM, we strongly believe in the power of collaborative work and we understand the importance of “one on one” relationships as part of the solution.


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