#PROAS4 was the European project to implement the AS4 protocol and upgrade the Service Metadata Publishers (#SMP) of five certified #PEPPOL Access Points (APs). As one of the five Access Point Providers, at ELCOM, we are connected to eDelivery for the cross-border exchange of eDocuments.

The Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) communication protocol is used for B2B and B2G document exchange. Now, with a single connection to ELCOM, you can exchange any eDocument with any organisation connected worldwide. OpenPEPPOL took the decision to mandate the shift from AS2 to AS4 in order to be better aligned with international requirements.

This action is co-funded by the European Commission via the CEF Telecom programme. ESAM Tecnología, Pinkroccade, Transalis, Elcom, Easy Systems and Digital Cab participate in the project.

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Elcom is proud of being part of #PROAS4 the project! It will guarantee the secure identification of European citizens when using electronic services in both public and private entities. Learn more at info@elcom.com

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