Elcom is thrilled to announce its collaboration with ITN Business in creating the highly anticipated “Celebrating 75 Years of our Health Service” programme. This special project has been developed to honour the incredible achievements of the National Health Service (NHS) as it approaches its 75th birthday.

Launching on Monday, July 3rd, 2023, just days before the NHS’s milestone on July 5th, “Celebrating 75 Years of our Health Service” is a comprehensive exploration of the NHS’s rich history, remarkable success stories, formidable challenges and promising future. The programme aims to shine a spotlight on the life-saving work of the NHS and the dedicated individuals who tirelessly provide world-class care.

Hosted on a dedicated microsite created by ITN Business, the programme will feature captivating interviews, gripping documentaries and inspiring personal stories that showcase the profound impact of the NHS over the past seven decades. From its humble beginnings to its status as a globally recognized healthcare institution, the programme will take viewers on an insightful journey through the NHS’s transformative journey.

As an industry leader in supply chain solutions for the healthcare industry, Elcom is extremely proud to be involved in this momentous project.

The programme will premiere exclusively on the dedicated microsite,, on July 3rd, 2023. Elcom is excited to join forces with ITN Business to commemorate the NHS’s exceptional contributions to healthcare. By creating “Celebrating 75 Years of our Health Service,” this collaboration ensures that the NHS’s legacy is celebrated, its achievements are recognized, and its vision for the future is shared with audiences far and wide.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we honour 75 years of outstanding healthcare provision and express our gratitude to the NHS and its remarkable workforce. Stay tuned for the premiere of “Celebrating 75 Years of our Health Service” on July 3rd, 2023, and be part of this historic celebration.

If you’d like to find out more about this project prior to its launch, do not hesitate to contact the team at Elcom today or visit after the launch on July 3rd 2023.


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