Scottish Government Automation

Reduce the complexity and fragmentation of procurement processes

Elcom has been running the Scottish Government’s PECOS P2P system since 2002 processing over £6.5bn of Scottish Public Sector spend each year. The Scottish Government has benefited from the eInvoicing module which has been up and running since 2014. The service was also recently expanded with an upgraded catalogue content management module.

Purchase to Pay Number One Solution

PECOS P2P is our online Purchase to Pay technology and is part of the Scottish Government eCommerce Shared Service. The solution has been available since 2002 to all Scottish public sector bodies including central and local government, NHS Boards, universities and colleges.


A complete modular solution of new and legacy systems linking sourcing, contract, inventory and P2P processes that maximise returns and benefits.

  • Full Procure to Pay, from requisition to receipting to invoice processing
  • Finding the right goods and buying them at the right price
  • Improved compliance with regulation
  • Reduced administration effort and alignment of people and processes
  • Future-proofed – The Towers, GS1, Scan4Safety and PEPPOL compliant
  • Flexible reporting and analysis.

Most organisations are managing separate eCatalogue, eContract, eSourcing and eP2P systems. This presents a range of challenges as a lack of data visibility severely restricts the ability for Trusts to make informed decisions:

  • Fragmentation: systems are often not tightly integrated meaning they require manual intervention to pass information between them.
  • Redundancy: systems fulfil similar functions (duplication of effort).
  • Inconsistency: information held on one system is not reflected in the others, causing a breakdown in the process.
  • Cost: expensive to maintain and interoperate.
Over £100 Billion Audited
Over 50 Million Purchase Orders
238,606 Suppliers
156,217 Buyers

Scottish Government

Lynn Petterson, Head of Procurement at Scottish Government shares her view of how PECOS P2P solution has supported their efforts to automate their procurement processes. Also, she raised the benefits of using the Invoicing module as part of a collaborative approach to implementing in Scottish public bodies, the Scottish Government eInvoicing programme has been up and running since September 2014.

“eInvoicing enables all suppliers, whatever their size, to send invoices in standard formats to the ELCOM Hub, where they are validated according to the client’s rules and converted to XML for presentation to the client’s purchasing or finance system. No change needed: our e-Invoicing solutions adapt to our client’s technology and business needs. ELCOM’s offers a number of plug-and-play features to choose from, including Format conversion, settlement & Data Validation, Xchange and e-Settlement & Matching.”

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Syd Smith, Procurement Systems Infrastructure Manager at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde shares his positive experience about how PECOS P2P solution supports their efforts to develop true integrated shared services. The Child Care Programme received a Highly Commended in the EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AWARDS Scotland 2015/16, recognising excellence in Public Procurement and UK 2016/17, recognising innovation, excellence and Achievement.

“The benefits of this approach shouldn’t be measured in terms of business efficiency, although it did save time and money. The benefits are much more significant than that as the time freed up by this online ordering process means that carers get to spend more time on their real job – being a mum or a dad – and that’s priceless.”

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