Collaborative Healthcare

Healthcare Procurement Transformation

 Healthcare is going through a period of unprecedented change with many organisations facing financial constraints which has led to a relentless focus on cost reduction and process redesign. EVOLVE spend management solutions delivers a complete modular solution covering Sourcing, Contract and Catalogue Management, Inventory, Purchase to Pay and Analytics. Saving time and money with limited change and no hassle.

  • Fragmentation: systems are often not tightly integrated meaning they require manual intervention to pass information between them.
  • Redundancy: systems fulfil similar functions (duplication of effort).
  • Inconsistency: information held on one system is not reflected in the others, causing a breakdown in the process.
  • Cost: expensive to maintain and interoperate.
  • Single, complete and seamlessly integrated source to pay solution
  • Simple and intuitive approach
  • Enforces compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Fully trained and experienced support team
  • Rapid deployment and ROI
  • Capturing, managing and reporting all organizational data
  • Delivers cash releasing savings
  • Powered by AI and data science
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South West London Collaborative

Jon Beeson, Head of Procurement at South West London Collaborative shares his positive experience about how Evolve solution supports their efforts of bringing together four hospital trusts.

“Across South West London we have the problem of bringing together four hospital trusts with different systems and approaches. The first stage in the journey has been to align Sourcing and Contract Management and Inventory using Evolve. This is accelerating the standardisation of contracts and collaborative projects through shared data and common systems whilst providing real-time track and trace and excellent patient costing and reporting provided through a Clinician focussed experience.”
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UCL Partners Procurement Service

Mick Corti, Director at UCL Partners Procurement Services shares his positive experience about how Evolve solution supports their efforts to develop true integrated shared services.

“Each of our member trusts has retained its own financial system, so we have had to develop interfaces synchronising static and transactional data between the cloud procurement system and these local finance solutions. True integrated shared services, with a common systems infrastructure, is rare among groups of NHS Trusts and we would not have got to the point we are now at, for instance with common operational buying and helpdesk teams across our customers, if it were not for the Evolve solution.”

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