Connect, Access and Trade 

Start marketing, promoting and selling in the digital economy and directly to thousands of buyers and procurement teams registered in our community. Through your business’ own store front promote ‘offers’ and ‘deals’ throughout the community. Allow the general public to find your goods and services.

    • High marketing costs
    • Limited visibility of good and services
    • Missed sales opportunities
    • Lack of sufficient sales channels
    • Weaker relationship with the buyer
    • Less transparency and exposure
  • Greater opportunities for suppliers and buyers
  • New trading partnerships within the supply chain
  • Greater transparency in the purchasing process since availability, prices and stock levels are all accessible in an open environment
  • Regular requests for quotations
  • Additional sales channel to market and sell products
  • Reduced marketing costs when compared with other sales channels.

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Build your capabilities to make you a strong ‘fit to supply’ business through the adoption of digital business technologies. Free to register and only pay for what you need and use. Elcom’s Supplier Services provide a range of value-adding applications to strengthen and build your businesses success in selling to the public and private sector.

Access to any of our supplier solution in one easy step.