End-to-End Inventory and Logistics 

Managing every aspect of stock control, including field base logistics of equipment and services in the community. Fully accredited GS1 solution to track and trace devices, performance metrics and enhance customer relationships. Full paperless environment to improve remote visibility, data accuracy, and reduce time and effort.

  • Inaccurate traceability of products and people in the field
  • Too much reliance on paper/handwritten details
  • Poor stock visibility
  • Inefficient asset management
  • Time and resources management
  • Regulatory and operational compliance of equipment and services
  • Ineffective stock management systems and associated poor data
  • Stock waste due to expiry and obsolete stock not tracked effectively
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Barcodes to manage stock
  • Mobile applications for field working
  • Electronic forms for managing and tracking equipment and services
  • Improved stock accuracy
  • Full traceability of people and products
  • Mobile picking for drivers and technicians
  • Effective customer and supplier management
  • Improved Income Opportunities through analytics and process control
  • Paperless equipment maintenance and repair

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